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We’d like to take a impulse to appreciate all a good Readers and Advertisers for their support, as a trade statistics for a initial 6 months of 2015 were awesome!

In a ongoing process of transparency, here are a trade stats as per Google Analytics for a time duration from Jan. 1, 2015 to Jun 30, 2015, contra a same duration in 2014 (click picture to see incomparable version):


  • Sessions: UP +31%!
    501,387 vs 382,381
    Average: 83,565/month
  • Pageviews: UP +130%!
    1,615,767 vs 702,035
    Average: 269,285/month

We trust that a continued, clever trade expansion is due to a fact that many people cite to get their news online – and fast – than in print. Personally, we cruise that by a time something is printed, it’s “old news.”

And when was a final time we were means to now criticism and share your thoughts about a story in a printed journal or magazine?

We’re also unapproachable to reside by verified broadcasting ethics. We’re an award-winning member of a Society of Professional Journalists, and we belong to their proven journalistic standards.

Again, THANKS for all your support for creation The B-Town Blog a #1 internal news, events, arts, party and some-more source for a area! And greatfully support our Advertisers – but them, we couldn’t do what we do.

And if we haven’t already, greatfully join our 7,642 friends and “Like” us on Facebook here: and follow us on Twitter here:

Also, if we haven’t nonetheless subscribed to a 6 p.m. Daily Digest Email Newsletter, click here. This FREE email will arrive during 6 p.m. daily with a summation of that day’s internal news; on Fridays it includes SoKing News, a weekly News/Podcast that reviews that week’s tip stories.

With a concentration on glorious Customer Service, innovative, affordable solutions and a many Readers of any internal media outlet, your best selling spend is on The B-Town Blog!

We’ve got a many engaged, meddlesome and active Readership of any internal media opening in a area – review us to a other internal options:

  • Direct mail banking books: 30,000 dissemination per entertain (4x per year) • typical Ad cost: $750 
  • Local quarterly “city” magazines: 15,000 dissemination per emanate (4x per year) • lowest Ad cost: $400
  • Local newspaper: 1,000–5,000/week*
  • The B-Town Blog: 80-90,000+ Readers per month + 7,642 on Facebook + 4,745 on Twitter + 810 Email Newsletter Subscribers • lowest Ad cost: $60/month!

*NOTE: Current, accurate dissemination numbers for the local journal were unavailable.

We are the only daily-updated, totally-independent, truly-local village news/event website in Burien – run by longtime residents Scott Theresa Schaefer, who live, work, play and spend locally with their family – that provides a highly-targeted, local, really fascinating assembly with a many new Local News, Event Listings, Feature Stories, Politics, Videos, Photos, Business News and most more.

Burien’s internal news site, The B-Town Blog, cites a readership as 65,000* monthly readers—an considerable strech compared with a normal imitation dissemination of Seattle’s civil monthlies, that hovers in a ballpark of 53,000.

– Green Rubino Agency
Loving Our Locovores
Nov., 2014

(*NOTE: In Nov. 2014 a monthly Readership was 65,000/month; it has grown extremely given then!)

We have many Advertising solutions for businesses that are looking to get themselves in front of a eyeballs of our ~80,000 – 90,000+ monthly Readers, starting for reduction than $2 per day.

And remember – if you’re deliberation Advertising locally, remember to ask for tangible statistics from an eccentric source (i.e.: Google Analytics), as we merit clarity and law (and to Advertise with us, email Theresa Schaefer during for a Media Kit).

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