New traveler 511 use for Santa Cruz County

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. –

The Regional Transportation Commission has begun a new service, CRUZ511, to keep we in-the-know about vital arteries in and around Santa Cruz.

Transportation Agency for Monterey County is building a identical 511 use for Monterey County.

Since May, with Cruz511’s new interactive real-time trade map, we can see what trade conditions exist Highways 1 and 17 and on other pivotal streets and roads before we start your trip.

“Knowing what to design can unequivocally urge people’s transport knowledge and cut down on disappointment and anxiety,” says RTC Executive George Dondero.

Cruz511 helps we brand your transport options and transport smarter. This mobile manageable website can be accessed by smartphone, inscription or computer.

The RTC says Cruz511 is some-more than only a trade map, we can also find out a safest approach to close adult your bike to safeguard it’s there when we return, a closest hire for charging your electric automobile and places we can accommodate your carpool and leave your automobile parked during a workday.

Also enclosed on a Cruz511 website are a following: outing planner for bike, bus, walking and pushing trips; giveaway use to assistance we find carpool partners; a cost of pushing calculator; and other useful tools.

Says Dondero, “Cruz511 is designed to be a traveler-friendly apparatus that people can use to devise how they get around.”

Cruz511 is a new village use of a Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission designed to be a one-stop emporium for transport users as good as a go-to place for information about emergencies that impact a transport system.

Cruz511 website provides 24/7 trade overload information, including trade speeds and images from over 17 trade cameras and sum on specific forms of transport delays such as construction and collisions. Data from Caltrans, a CHP and Google is updated each few minutes.

Cruz511 users are reminded to entrance transport information before removing behind a wheel. Pulling safely to a shoulder or carrying a newcomer deliberate Cruz511 are endorsed for checking conditions while en route.

Initial formulation work to rise Cruz511 was finished with a extend from Caltrans in partnership with a Transportation Agency for Monterey County.


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