SingPass website down for 2 hours due to complicated traffic

SINGAPORE – The SingPass website was down due complicated trade for about dual hours on Monday morning, a day after a complement rolled out a new update.

It left users who wanted to pointer adult for a new SingPass, that facilities stronger confidence capabilities and an softened user interface, incompetent to record in to do so.

A summary on a SingPass website pronounced that upkeep was in swell and apologised for nuisance caused.

By noon on Monday, a website was behind online and users were means to record in to determine their sum and pointer adult for a extended SingPass.

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), that manages a SingPass system, pronounced in a matter on Monday that a extended SingPass complement gifted high volume of trade during about 10am that day.

“While a bandwidth had been increasing three-fold to conduct a approaching liquid of visitors to a newly-launched site, a tangible trade this morning surged to roughly 12-fold. This resulted in users experiencing few entrance to supervision e-services,” pronounced a IDA spokesman.

The new SingPass was launched on Sunday. It has extended confidence features, such as two-factor authentication, to improved strengthen supportive transactions.

Users have to go to and record in initial to determine their sum and pointer adult for a new SingPass. Under this system, users will record in with their username and SingPass as per usual. When they perform supportive transactions, they will also have to submit a one-time cue that will be sent to their mobile phones, or generated by a token.

SingPass is a cue that secures Singapore residents’ entrance to some-more than 200 e-government services, such as checking Central Provident Fund (CPF) comment balances, filing taxes and requesting for open housing.

It is used by some-more than 60 supervision agencies. The extended SingPass will impact some-more than 100 e-services, such as those that understanding with personal, financial or health data.