Why Deleting Old Blog Posts Helped My Website Grow


Content selling and SEO has developed utterly a bit over a past few years. Google expelled algorithm updates to urge their hunt quality, though peculiarity calm is still one of a many critical factors (if not a many critical factor) that they use to decider a website.

Unfortunately, what is deliberate “quality content” has altered drastically, generally over a past dual years.

If you’ve been doing calm selling for a while, you’ll know that 500 word articles used to be a ideal length of an essay on your website. They were easy and inexpensive to outsource, easy to write by yourself, and easy to post to your website each day. Best of all, if we wrote a 500 word essay on your business website, they generally achieved really good in organic hunt formula and gathering trade to your website.

As people detected how easy it was to emanate brief how-to articles and guides, thousands of websites frequently pushed out these brief articles to ornament hunt engine traffic. The problem is, many of these articles were really low value and were combined with SEO and hunt engine trade in mind (and not peculiarity or user experience), that led to low value articles that clogged hunt formula and were generally unreadable. This is because Google expelled Google Panda, a vital algorithm refurbish focused on calm quality.

Google Panda and Content Quality

Google Panda was combined to forestall this form of calm from behaving good in hunt results. After all, if Google’s visitors are dissapoint during a low peculiarity hunt formula they are receiving, that’s bad for business.

As a result, longer articles achieved many improved than brief articles. A few years ago, it was 1000 word articles. Then, it became 1500 word articles. Now, articles that are 3000+ difference or some-more tend to arrange good as in-depth articles.

One thing is for certain; after Panda was released, these brief 500 word articles were no longer deliberate as valuable, as Google satisfied that extensive articles are generally many longer than this.

Unfortunately, for many sites that had a lot of these 500 word articles (like mine), trade and rankings took a pointy tumble after a Panda refurbish was released.

Content Auditing and Cleanup

After regulating a Panguin Tool to brand that of my pages were influenced a most, we detected that a infancy of my calm that forsaken in trade were these brief articles from several years ago. At a time, we was outsourcing this calm to writers to emanate 500 word articles for my websites.

When we went to indeed review these articles, we satisfied how bad many of them were. By a time we was finished reading a second paragraph, we had already reached a finish of a page. It didn’t residence many of my core issues that a topics presented, and it wasn’t scarcely as good peculiarity as my latest articles. No consternation they were strike by Panda.

I took note of a many profitable articles (specifically those that had a high series of backlinks or that used to accept a high volume of hunt traffic) and wrote new, updated articles that were many longer and some-more comprehensive. Then, we redirected a aged articles to a new ones.

What about a hundreds of articles that we didn’t hold valuable?

Well, as a pretension of this essay suggests: we simply deleted them. we sent thousands of dollars value of articles to a rabble bin in my WordPress dashboard.

What Happened

To my surprise, after a few weeks, my organic trade increasing by about 30%. The articles that were deleted were already receiving small to no hunt engine trade after a Panda update, and a articles that were re-written or that were left inexperienced increasing in rankings and traffic.

Why did this happen?

Some Google updates are page-specific. This means that if we have thousands of articles, and half are low peculiarity and a other half are really high quality, usually a low peculiarity articles will perform feeble on hunt engines.

However, this isn’t a box with Google Panda, that affects a rankings of an whole website. By deletion these low peculiarity articles, a normal peculiarity of my website pages increased.

Lessons Learned

There’s no contrition in deletion aged content, generally if it improves a altogether peculiarity of your website.

Content peculiarity is some-more critical than calm quantity. we know of websites that have thousands of articles, and they don’t get scarcely as many trade as other sites that usually have a few dozen good in-depth articles.

It’s for this reason that we went from posting 7 times a week to usually once or twice a week; with this additional time, I’m means to emanate a many improved essay that is some-more useful to visitors. This is a kind of bid that hunt engines reward.

If we undo your aged content, make certain it’s scrupulously redirected to a some-more updated/thorough essay so that your user knowledge doesn’t suffer. If Google starts delivering it’s visitors to a page that used to exist, that can simulate feeble on your website. If redirecting isn’t an option, and if we can’t combine your aged blog posts, simply undo a post and use a “410 Gone” response code.

If you’re regulating WordPress, we can try out a “410 for WordPress” plugin to tell Google that a blog post has been henceforth deleted. A 410 blunder formula is many improved than a 404 Not Found error, as it lets Google know that we have no goal of bringing it behind (whereas a “Not Found” blunder can leave deleted calm indexed on Google for longer).

Are we meditative of deletion your aged content? Did it assistance your altogether trade and rankings? Let us know in a comments below!