Reddit to encrypt all the Web trade commencement this summer

If  you wish to safeguard your obsession to looking during lovable cat cinema is kept private, Reddit has your back.

Starting Jul 29, all Reddit pages will be encrypted and kept secure by HTTPS protocol. This radically creates it unfit for hackers to view on users or prevent data. Through this protection, Reddit will also not be means to establish what username a chairman is logged in as or what posts a user is submitting, an essential underline to a site that thrives on pseudonymous communities.

Reddit will be fasten Wikipedia and all sovereign websites that have also incited toward encryption for confidence purposes. Bing announced recently that all hunt trade will be encrypted commencement this summer. Last August, Google announced that encrypted websites would receive a tiny boost in hunt rankings, serve incentivizing a secure Internet.

Users can establish if a website is encrypted by looking for a immature clinch pitch in a residence bar.


Photo: Reddit logo

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