Dispute trade tickets electronically interjection to new website


EAST LANSING, MI (WLNS) – What if we could use your mechanism or even your phone to brawl a trade ticket? Thanks to a new module in East Lansing, now we can.

The days of holding off work or propagandize to wait in an East Lansing courtroom are finale interjection to a Matterhorn. If we get a sheet we can record on to a website to see if we are authorised to quarrel that sheet online. If we are authorised we can contention your position electronically to be looked over by East Lansing military and judges.

This new paperless module will keep we updated on your box and we do not even have to leave home. All we need is a dungeon phone or a mechanism for content and email updates.

The Matterhorn module is accessible by a district justice website