China Said to Be Censoring Internet With Powerful New Weapon

Sally Wilson / CC BY-SA 2.0

In late March, China began flooding American websites with Internet trade in an apparent bid to interrupt services that concede China’s Internet users to entrance sites differently blocked in a country.

The New York Times reports:

Initial confidence reports suggested that China had crippled a services by exploiting a possess Internet filter — famous as a Great Firewall — to route strenuous amounts of trade to a targets. Now, researchers during a University of California, Berkeley and a University of Toronto contend China did not use a Great Firewall after all, yet rather a absolute new arms that they are job a Great Cannon.

The Great Cannon, a researchers pronounced in a news published on Friday, allows China to prevent unfamiliar web trade as it flows to Chinese websites, inject antagonistic formula and repurpose a trade as Beijing sees fit.

The complement was used, they said, to prevent web and promotion trade dictated for Baidu — China’s biggest hunt engine association — and glow it during GitHub, a renouned site for programmers, and, a nonprofit that runs counterpart images of sites that are blocked inside China. The attacks opposite a services continued on Thursday, a researchers said, even yet both sites seemed to be handling normally.

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—Posted by Alexander Reed Kelly.

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