City of Bend highway and trade report: Week of Apr 19-25

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — Here’s a city of Bend’s weekly highway and trade news for a week of Apr 19-25.

As a open flowers start to emerge, an denote of warmer continue to come, so too are a orange construction signs, indicating a commencement of a bustling construction season. As we navigate your approach by a City streets and neighborhoods, greatfully remember to delayed down, review a signs and stay on a designated highway routes. Check in weekly with a City on arriving closures by a website: Construction deteriorate will not final forever, greatfully be studious and remember to expostulate like you’re in your possess neighborhood.

  • NW Skyline Ranch Road between NW Chianti Lane and NW Shevlin Meadow Drive for infrastructure installation, full highway closure, starts 4/12/2021
  • Deschutes Market Road between Margaret Lane and Pioneer Loop for infrastructure designation associated to a north interceptor project, singular line closure with flagging, 4/19/21, 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.
  • NE Sedalia Lane between NE Dalton Street and NE Tierra Road for infrastructure installation, full highway closure, 4/21/21 – 4/30/21
  • NW Skyliners – Mt Washington Intersection – Closed for devious reformation and walking channel updates from Mar 29th – Apr 23rd. For serve information on this and destiny travel refuge work, visit
  • McClain Drive between NW Shevlin Park Road and NW Shevlin Meadow Drive for infrastructure installation, work began 11/30/20
  • SW Colorado – Columbia intersection – Closed for Roundabout construction commencement Mar 1st – mid-May. Additional highway closures associated to closure listed below. For serve information, revisit
    • Colorado Avenue between SW Emkay Drive (west) and SW Emkay (east)
    • SW Columbia Avenue sealed between SW Emkay Drive and SW Disk Drive
  • Desert Woods Neighborhood Extension Project – Roads sealed for Sewer categorical designation with internal access, 3/8/21 – 5/31/21. For serve information, visit
    • East Lake Drive between Twin Lakes Loop and Newberry Drive
    • Twin Lakes Loop Between SE 15th Street and Newberry Drive
  • SE Murphy Road between Country Club and Parrell Road for alley widening and modernization, full highway closure with internal entrance and detours, Nov 2020 – Summer 2021
  • US HWY 97 between Exit 135A and Exit 139 to Reed Market Road for ODOT overnight resurfacing, southbound lanes with highway onto US 97 Business Route (3rd Street). 3/15/21 – 5/15/21
  • US HWY 97 between Exit 139 and Exit 141 to Murphy Road for ODOT overnight resurfacing, southbound lanes with highway onto US 97 Business Route (3rd Street). 3/15/21 – 5/15/21
  • SW Simpson Avenue between SW 15th Street and SW 18th Street for right of approach improvements, full highway closure with detour, 3/15/21 – 5/1/21
  • Newport Corridor Improvements Project – Various intersections along Newport Avenue to be sealed due to updates in a H2O categorical and stormwater facilities. Road closures associated to a plan listed below.
    • NW Nashville Ave between NW Drake Road and NW Newport Ave for infrastructure installation, full highway closure, starting 4/5/21
    • Intersection of 9th Street and Newport Avenue for infrastructure installation, full devious closure with detour, starting 4/5/21

Future Road Closures:

  • NE 3rd travel between Lafayette Avenue and Marshall Avenue for H2O use line removal, southbound delayed line closure, 4/26/21 – 4/30/21, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
  • Intersection of Purcell Boulevard and Butler Market Road for devious construction, full intersection closure with detour, work starts 5/3/21

Work schedules are contingent on continue conditions and other factors. Always practice increasing counsel within construction zones. Drivers should use designated highway routes. Nearby residential streets are for internal trade only.

Contact: Kyle Thomas, Construction Manager


For Street Preservation associated questions: Paul Neiswonger, Streets Supervisor


Closures and detours in Bend are updated weekly at:

Find some-more information about travel operations at:

Weekly reports can be perceived around email by subscribing to Weekly Road and Traffic Reports at:

Traffic? What Traffic? | Sedona.Biz – The Internet Voice of Sedona and The Verde Valley

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By Tommy Acosta

Sedona, AZ — Let’s face it. Pull no punches. Trying to retrofit Sedona to palliate a trade maze is like perplexing to stop a mortally draining elephant from draining out, with a band-aid.

You can build a walking overpass in Tlaquepaque, pave Schnebly Road, open adult Red Rock Crossing, use trolleys to ride visitors to hiking trails, defund a Chamber of Commerce, try all a cosmetic fixes one can suppose though in a final analysis, there is positively zero a city can do to stop a liquid of visitors invading Sedona.

Short of building a “border wall” and branch behind all a trade entrance into Sedona, perplexing to branch a waves is an use in futility.

The cat is out of a bag. The whole star now knows that Sedona is a protected and pleasing end to revisit and they will come in droves to shun a lockdowns and restrictions from whatever states they emanate.

The overload we are experiencing now is usually a commencement of a tourist-filled summer and we competence as good bend adult and get used to it, since there is no shun from this actuality.

The initial step to recovery, definition tuning a minds to a existence of a assault and usually training to understanding with it, is to comprehend that usually since we live here, we locals do not possess Sedona.

That’s right. We don’t possess Sedona. So, get over it.

There is small doubt Sedona is a recovering collateral of a star and maybe even a universe. The beauty of Sedona and a recovering appetite go to a universe earth, not us. We are usually a stewards and that’s that.

We need to know a existence of a situation. We have no right to stop a star from entrance here. So, a best gamble is to simply accept it and find a approach to lessen a damage.

The City needs to emanate a live in-real-time Website, stating on stream trade conditions in a city so we could devise what are a best times to go out and do a errands, revisit a doctors, go to a favorite restaurants or spend time in nature.

Right now, we can get that info from by simply entering a location, a destination, and Google Maps will tell us how bad a trade is in Sedona.

Click on Get Directions. Hit a “Details” button. The track will be highlighted on your map and it will give we a volume of time it will take, with a color-coded live trade refurbish as well.

Check out this screenshot of a Google map next to see how elementary it is.

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 during 7.57.11 AM

You can get a same info from ADOT by going to Set your starting indicate and end point, strike a small automobile idol symbol and we get a estimated time and a present-tense news on trade conditions.

Here next is a shade shot of a ADOT resource. Note how elementary it is.

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 during 11.30.01 AM

The city can make it easier for everybody by formulating a live map ap of their possess with easier instructions for those of us who competence find a Google and ADOT maps formidable to handle.

At slightest we have a choice right now.

If we have no choice and contingency spend time in traffic, one competence wish to whet adult their Zen skills and use a art of patience. Breathe. Enjoy a red stone views and be beholden for a beauty we live in. Count a cars with out-of-state permit plates, make eye hit with other drivers and smile

There is so most to see we don’t notice when zooming from one place to another. Take a watchful time in stride. Check out all those smashing shpos along 89A we never saw before.

Be like a good alloy and have a lot of “patience.” 

Our tourists are a lifeblood that keeps a city going. Accept them. Be beholden for them and we will be that most some-more improved off and reduction stressed.



Main mangle delays trade on Route 61 in Muhlenberg – 69News WFMZ

MUHLENBERG TWP., Pa. — A H2O categorical mangle caused issues on a widen of Route 61 in Berks County.

The mangle underneath a Warren Street Bypass in Muhlenberg Township was reported around noon Saturday, according to puncture dispatchers.

Traffic on Route 61 was relocating solemnly around a break, with a apportionment of a highway closed, dispatchers said.

The categorical was remade and Route 61 was reopened by 10 a.m. Sunday, according to a Reading Area Water Authority.

A boil H2O advisory was in outcome for anyone who did not have water.

Most renouned news websites – tip 50 biggest websites in a world

Traffic to a world’s 50 many renouned news websites fell by roughly a entertain (24%) between Jan and February, according to Press Gazette’s latest research of trade to a many renouned news websites.

Global visits to a tip 50 English-language news sites sum fell to 6.6 billion in February, down from 8.7 billion a prior month, according to information from web analytics association SimilarWeb, with trade scarcely behind to pre-pandemic levels.

Numbers were significantly reduce than a 9.4 billion rise in visits during final November, a month of a US election.

Yet, while visits were down compared to January, trade was still 14% adult year-on-year.

A series of right-leaning and choice sites saw both a biggest particular drops and gains globally in February.

Pro-Trump US website Newsmax was a fastest flourishing site year-on-year with a 337% swell in clicks and views adult from 8.5 million to 37.2 million.

At a other finish of a list, a Drudge Report, Breitbart News and Fox News were among a sites that strew a biggest suit of their audiences compared to final February.

Influential regressive news assembly site a Drudge Report saw a year-on-year visits tumble by 41% from 71.4 million to 42.4 million, while visits to Fox News were down 22% to 261.9 million.

Russian state-owned news group Sputnik was also among a sites that saw a biggest year-on-year dump in visits. Although a site done it into a tip 50 for a initial time given Press Gazette began book SimilarWeb rankings, entering in 38th place, monthly visits were down 34% from 73.9 million in Feb 2020 to 48.9 million.

Views to a Drudge Report, Breitbart, Sputnik and Newsmax together accounted for 3% (176 million) of a 6.6 billion sum visits to a tip 50 sites in February.

A series of a fastest flourishing sites identified in Press Gazette’s final analysis including a Epoch Times, that is corroborated by a Fulang Gong sect, worried YouTube choice BitChute, and pro-Trump The Gateway Pundit, fell out of a tip 50 altogether.

As in prior months, a rest of a tip 50 is essentially done adult of mainstream news websites from a US, UK, Canada and Australia, that authority a bulk of visits. and sum once again came out on tip with 1.2 billion website visits in Feb which, while 16% reduce than a prior month’s figures, is adult 23% year-on-year.

Next most-viewed was CNN with 710 million sessions on a websites ( and, nonetheless this was 37% reduce than a 1.1 billion visits that CNN’s dual sites perceived in January.

The subsequent largest websites belonged to a New York Times (379 million visits, adult 16% year-on-year), Yahoo Finance (330 million, adult 102%), Mail Online (310 million, down 2%), a Guardian (296 million views, down 3%) and Fox News (262 million, down 22%).

Most sites in a tip 50 continued to news year-on-year expansion in views, though each opening solely Yahoo Finance saw a month-on-month tumble in trade compared to January.

Where does vital news website trade come from?

The SimilarWeb news for Press Gazette also examined a source of online trade for a largest English-language news outlets.

The infancy of visits to vast websites continued to be possibly approach – i.e. web users go true to them – or issue from online searches.

The Drudge Report came out on tip for approach visits (90%), followed by Newsmax (82%) and Breitbart (76%). Among a sites with a lowest suit of users nearing directly were US News (10%) and Forbes (14%) that instead perceived many trade by organic hunt – i.e. delinquent hunt results.

Top for organic hunt were US News (87%), Cosmopolitan (85%), Hello repository (74%) and Forbes (74%).

Paid search, when site owners compensate to seem high adult in hunt engine results, accounted for really few clicks to a tip news sites. Only a handful of news sites, among them Bloomberg and Australia’s ABC and, used paid hunt during all. Even then, paid formula accounted for reduction than 1% of their traffic.

Facebook was a categorical amicable media referrer for many news websites entrance out as a series one source for 25% of sites – putting it significantly forward of second-place Twitter that represented a tip source of amicable media referrals for 15% of sites. Twitter and Reddit were some-more ordinarily a second-most renouned amicable media network referrer.


Press Gazette’s weekly email providing vital discernment into a destiny of a media





Press Gazettes weekly email providing vital discernment into a destiny of a media



Minnesota publishes annual news on CAV willingness in a state

The Governor of Minnesota’s Advisory Council on Connected and Automated Vehicles has expelled a annual report describing Minnesota’s willingness for a record and surveying a state’s vital CAV efforts in 2020, a Minnesota Department of Transportation announced today.

Public-facing and in-person CAV events were put on reason in 2020 due to a Covid-19 pandemic, though a Governor’s Advisory Council continued to assemble probably and launched a CAV Innovation Alliance to coordinate rising technologies statewide and offer as a one-stop emporium for CAV in Minnesota.
The news records other pivotal activities, including:

  • Testing new mobile car communications technologies that bond snowplows and forestall red-light using to assistance equivocate collisions.
  • Completing a 10-year investment devise for fiberoptic that supports CAVs and broadband.
  • Conducting a nation’s largest CAV consult to know Minnesotans’ attitudes on CAV, as partial of a state’s formulation efforts for the Minnesota Strategic CAV Messaging and Engagement Plan, to be finished in 2021.
  • Kicking off a state’s initial CAV mezzanine formulation bid with communities along Highway 52 from Rochester to St. Paul.
  • Integrating CAV record into snowplows to warning drivers when they’re entrance on a plow to assistance drivers equivocate crashes and “see” in snowy conditions.

6-vehicle pile-up ties adult trade on Route 22 | Lehigh Valley Regional News | – 69News WFMZ

Pennsylvania state military have expelled a few sum about a pile-up that brought trade on Route 22 westbound in a Lehigh Valley to a delay progressing Monday afternoon.

State military contend a six-vehicle pile-up happened only before Schoenersville Road.

Two of a vehicles held fire, and one car crashed into a core median.

One chairman was taken to a hospital.

No word on what might have caused a crash.

Gracedale to concede visitors again in May | Lehigh Valley Regional News | – 69News WFMZ

Northampton County’s largest nursing home will concede visitors again subsequent month.

Officials during Gracedale contend they trust a hazard from COVID-19 has eased.

We’re told about 87% of residents and about half of staff members have been vaccinated opposite a virus.

Workers were authorised for a $750 reward to get both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Meantime, Northampton County Council has concluded to a $500 reward for some new hires. The nursing home in Upper Nazareth has some-more than 200 open positions.

TRAFFIC UPDATE: Interstate 24 clearing after mutilate nearby mile pen 10

Update, 5:40 p.m.: Traffic is clearing by a area, with some residual backups.

Update, 5:15 p.m.: The vehicles have been private from a stage by draw trucks. Traffic stays corroborated adult past Exit 4.

Update, 4:50 p.m.: Traffic is now corroborated adult to about mile pen 2.

Warfield Boulevard southbound is corroborated adult with trade perplexing to road divided from a interstate.


CLARKSVILLE, TN (CLARKSVILLE NOW) – Interstate 24 by Clarksville is blocked by a mutilate nearby mile pen 10.

At 4:40 p.m., eastward trade was during a delay from only before Exit 4, past Exit 8 to about mile pen 10. Traffic is transparent from Exit 11 on.

The mutilate happened during about 3 p.m. It was a non-injury crash, according to dispatch.

This essay will be updated.

To news accidents to a Clarksville Now trade tips line, call 931-648-7720.