Paybright Canada iPhone 13 Orders Stall Under Heavy Traffic [Update]

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Sleepy Apple business were astounded this morning to see 0% APR financing over 24 months for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, generally after tenure lengths were altered to 6 months progressing this week.

But Canadians looking to squeeze iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro with Affirm’s Paybright financing have struggled to finish their orders this morning.

Due to complicated trade from Apple customers, Paybright servers went offline and orders were stalled. Some saw ‘502 bad gateway’ errors, though now Paybright’s website has an blunder summary that reads, “There is a bit of a trade jam. Please go behind and try again.”

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For some that used a Paybright financing option, when they go check sequence standing on, they get a summary that reads, “unfortunately, an blunder occurred. Please try again later.”

Understandably, people were flattering undone with a website downtime for their changed iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro order.

Apple launched financing with Paybright for iPhone, Mac and iPad final month.

Were we means to finish your Paybright financing choice for an iPhone 13 purchase? We’ve reached out to Paybright for an refurbish and will refurbish this story accordingly.

According to Christopher Carruthers (@TaoOfSatoshi), Apple support pronounced over discuss a timeout for preorders placed has reportedly been extended to 9 hours. This means existent orders are still being hold as Paybright issues start to resolve.

Update Sept. 17, 9:08am PDT: it appears Paybright is starting to repair some of these orders. What has worked for some is to revisit a queued URL from your story and try it again:

Update Sept. 17, 1:34pm PDT: If you’re still traffic with iPhone Paybright issues, check your email. The association has sent out emails explaining “due to an emanate this morning, we might have been incompetent to finish your focus and might have mixed orders with Apple.”

The email afterwards informs users to click a couple to finish applications, as remarkable by @brandanspyker in a Twitter thread with other iPhone in Canada readers:

Let us know a standing of your Paybright financing and iPhone 13 in a comments.

Trucks with flashing arrows are negligence 10 Freeway construction traffic

Q: Fred Lynch, who works in Claremont, asked about what he believes is “an intensely vulnerable practice” involving line closures on a 10 Freeway plan between a Indian Hill and Euclid Avenue exits in Upland.

He pronounced work trucks with flashing lane-change arrows are being used to abruptly delayed trade and afterwards stop in a line in that a lorry is traveling. In complicated traffic, he said, this traps vehicles immediately behind a slowing-then-stopped truck. He pronounced this happened to him recently, and he wondered if anyone else has complained about this procedure. “It was unequivocally kind of harrowing,” Lynch said.

A: It’s a San Bernardino County Transportation Authority regulating these vehicles.

Tim Watkins, SBCTA’s arch of Legislative and Public Affairs, explained that SBCTA notifies a open about line closure dates in several ways, including regulating email alerts, amicable media posts, website listings, and pity a information with internal municipalities so they can post a sum on their channels too.

The night of a work or line closure, Watkins said, crews also theatre teams to govern a closures during a advertised times.

“When a closure time arrives, a group contingency use vehicles with flashing lights to incrementally and evenly settle a mangle in trade (sometimes CHP assists) so that a cones or delineators and pointer play can be placed to brand a work zone. While this might means some nuisance for vehicles who are there coinciding to a closure set up, it is an critical step to substantiating a protected work section for both a crews and a public,” he said.

Watkins pronounced drivers should take note of a vehicles with flashing lights and pierce over as compulsory by a Move Over law, that creates it safer for construction crews and open reserve officers. You can go to for construction alerts and plan updates.

Q: Jesse Ash voiced regard about a volume of rabble and paper he pronounced is strewn about around a turnpike offramps on a 10, a 57 and 210 freeways in a Inland Empire.

A: Keep your fingers crossed that this will get spotless adult and things will urge as a new Clean California Initiative is removing underway. California is spending about $1 billion from a General Fund for a new three-year bid to purify adult rabble statewide, to bedeck roads and freeways, emanate some-more open art, learn people about litter, and rise ways to deter littering. Clean California is in response to a flourishing problem of trash, junk, and a lot some-more food containers pier adult alongside roadways and dull lots. Caltrans, cities, counties, tribes and movement agencies are removing additional appropriation for cleanup projects and programs.

Caltrans District 8, that covers Riverside and San Bernardino counties, is cleaning adult spawn around a district, that spans about 28,650 block miles.

On Aug. 1, Caltrans hold a cleanup bid along a 215 Freeway from a 60/91/215 rotate to a 10 in Colton to collect adult litter, repair guardrails, brush a area and attend to a landscaping. Caltrans upkeep and landscape crews also picked adult rabble and did landscaping work Aug 16-20 in Riverside, Perris, Moreno Valley, and Jurupa Valley. Workers toiled off a freeways in Redlands and Corona picking adult spawn on a 60 in Moreno Valley during a cleanup hold Aug. 20. And on Aug. 28, crews did a Clean California cleanup on southbound 15 between Corona and Temescal Valley.

Finally, On a Road would like to share a reserve sign about children and prohibited cars, from Kids and Cars, a national open preparation classification seeking to revoke deaths of children left in prohibited cars. According to, 1,000 children have died in prohibited cars national given 1990.

The strenuous infancy of prohibited automobile tragedies concerned a child who was unknowingly left or gained entrance to a automobile on their own, a organization’s investigate found. To boost safety, keep vehicles sealed during all times; never leave automobile keys where your kids can get them; childproof your home so extraordinary toddlers can’t hide outside; learn your kids never to get into a automobile but an adult; and if a child is missing, immediately check a inside, floorboards and case of all vehicles, even those that are locked.

If we see a immature child left alone in a vehicle, call a military or 9-1-1. Get a child out as quick as probable and if a child is overheated, try to cold them off with a mist of cold H2O or get medical attention. Visit Kids and Cars during

Do we invert to work in a Inland Empire? Spend a lot of time in your vehicle? Have questions about driving, freeways, fee roads or parking? If so, write or call On a Road and we’ll try to answer your questions. Please embody your doubt or issue, name, city of residence, phone series and email address. Write or call 951-368-9670.

Traffic jam on a Staten Island Expressway during Monday morning rush on a initial day of school

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A trade jam is reported on a Brooklyn-bound side of a Staten Island Expressway during a Monday morning rush on a initial day of open school.

Nearly a whole length of a expressway is undiluted as of 7 a.m., according to Google Maps.

Delays extend behind to during slightest a West Shore Expressway, according to Google Maps.

New York City students opposite a 5 boroughs are returning to open schools on Monday for a initial day of a 2021-2022 propagandize year. About 1 million students will be behind on campus, with no remote or hybrid choice available. It’s a initial time that each open propagandize tyro will learn in-person in their propagandize buildings given COVID-19 shuttered campuses in Mar 2020.

New York City metropolitan workers also are scheduled to lapse to their work places Monday.

A new change in a trade settlement on a top turn of a Brooklyn-bound Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge competence be contributing to a delay.

“There will be an expected duration of adjustment,” pronounced a posting Sunday on a MTA website. “Motorists should revoke their speed, sojourn alert, use counsel and be prepared to stop.”

Traffic jam on a Staten Island Expressway

Traffic is corroborated adult on a Staten Island Expressway Brooklyn-bound nearby Fingerboard Road for a morning rush hour on a initial day of open propagandize on Monday, Sept. 13, 2021. (Courtesy of 511 NY)

Traffic jam on a Staten Island Expressway

Traffic is corroborated adult on a Staten Island Expressway Brooklyn-bound during Clove Road for a morning rush hour on a initial day of open propagandize on Monday, Sept. 13, 2021. (Courtesy of 511 NY)

Traffic jam on a Staten Island Expressway

Traffic is corroborated adult on a Staten Island Expressway Brooklyn-bound during Bradley Avenue for a morning rush hour on a initial day of open propagandize on Monday, Sept. 13, 2021. (Courtesy of 511 NY)

Pentagon retakes control of IP addresses it had shifted in final mins of Trump’s presidency

The new European information insurance law requires us to surprise we of a following before we use a website:

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Allegiant Reports Aug 2021 Traffic

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Allegiant Travel Company (NASDAQ: ALGT) currently reported rough newcomer trade formula for August 2021.

“As we have transitioned from a rise summer drifting deteriorate into a off-peak tumble deteriorate we have seen a softening in demand,” settled Drew Wells, comparison clamp president, revenue. “Consistent with attention trends, a boost in COVID-19 cases joined with lapse to propagandize and work for many has contributed to an boost in cancellations and a deceleration of demand. The off-peak durations continue to underperform, while rise durations sojourn strong, a trend that has persisted via a pandemic. By approach of example, Labor Day weekend achieved good with bucket factors of roughly 80 percent on rise days, unchanging with levels celebrated in 2019.”

“We design third entertain ability to be adult roughly 13.5 percent as compared with 2019, a 4.5 commission indicate rebate from initial expectations,” settled Gregory Anderson, executive clamp president, arch financial officer. “Although we did observe direct weakness, these reductions were driven essentially by operational hurdles celebrated via a quarter. Given these ability reductions, we have updated a guidance, that is enclosed in a list below. We design an boost in sum handling income from 2019 of between 3.0 and 5.0 percent, that should produce an adjusted1 EBITDA domain between 16 and 18 percent for a third quarter. We will continue to guard trends and tweak fourth entertain ability accordingly though given peak-period performance, we sojourn speedy about a arriving holiday transport season.”

Scheduled Service – Year Over Two-Year Comparison

Total System* – Year Over Two-Year Comparison

Scheduled Service – Year Over Year Comparison

Total System* – Year Over Year Comparison

*Total complement includes scheduled use and bound price contract.  System income newcomer miles and complement bucket cause are not useful statistics as complement accessible chair miles embody both ASMs flown by bound price drifting as good as non-revenue producing repositioning flights used for operational needs.  Fixed price drifting is improved totalled by dollar grant contra operational statistics.

Preliminary Financial Results

Allegiant Travel Company

Las Vegas-based Allegiant (NASDAQ: ALGT) is an integrated transport association with an airline during a heart, focused on joining business with a people, places and practice that matter most. Since 1999, Allegiant Air has associated travelers in small-to-medium cities to world-class vacation destinations with all-nonstop flights and industry-low normal fares. Today, Allegiant’s all-Airbus swift serves communities opposite a nation, with bottom airfares reduction than half a cost of a normal domestic roundtrip ticket. For some-more information, revisit us at Media information, including photos, is accessible at


Note: This news recover was accurate during a date of issuance. However, information contained in a recover Aug have changed. If we devise to use a information contained herein for any purpose, corroboration of a continued correctness is your responsibility.

For serve information greatfully revisit a company’s financier website:

Reference to a Company’s website above does not consecrate union of any of a information thereon into this news release.

1 Adjusted to bar COVID associated special charges, a net advantage from a payroll support program, and distinction pity reward accruals associated to a advantage of a payroll support program
2 Year over two-year commission changes review 2021 to 2019

SOURCE Allegiant Travel Company

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Traffic Shift Tomorrow during Bridge Replacement Project on Route 30 in Franklin County

Part of plan to reinstate or rehabilitate 6 bridges on Route 30

Harrisburg, PA – The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) announced currently that a trade change is scheduled for tomorrow during a overpass deputy plan on Route 30 in Saint Thomas Township, Franklin County. 

The existent singular camber petrify T-beam bridge, that spans a Branch of Campbell Run during Campbell Run Road, is being transposed in half-widths. Traffic is limited to a singular line in any direction. Traffic will be shifted from a eastward to a westbound side of a bridge. There will be brief stoppages while separator is moved. Motorists should be warning and watch for stopped or slow-moving traffic.

This work is partial of a plan to reinstate or rehabilitate 6 bridges on Route 30 between Route 995 and Route 416 in Franklin County.

This mixed overpass plan also includes a deputy of a existent 60 in. siren culvert over a Tributary to Campbell Run in Saint Thomas Township, a deputy of a existent singular camber petrify T-beam overpass over a Tributary to Back Creek in Saint Thomas Township, a reconstruction of a existent petrify arch culvert over a Tributary to Back Creek in Saint Thomas Township, and a reconstruction of dual existent petrify arch culverts, any of that camber a Tributary to Back Creek in Hamilton Township.

This plan is approaching to be finished by Aug of 2023.

Susquehanna Valley Construction Corporation of New Cumberland, PA is a primary executive on this $7,066,798 project. 

511PA is also permitted by a smartphone focus for iPhone and Android devices, by job 5-1-1, or by following informal Twitter alerts permitted on a 511PA website.

MEDIA CONTACT: Dave Thompson, 717-418-5018


Website mapping DC’s hovel network warned FBI of questionable trade forward of Capitol riot

The FBI perceived a tip off about questionable activity forward of a Capitol Riot on Jan 6th from a startling source. Elliot Carter, a recreational mapmaker, contacted law coercion after his site about Washington, D.C.’s subterraneous infrastructure witnessed a spike in activity from questionable websites. His warning eventually done it to a top ranks of a Capitol Police, according to a new examination by News4 I.

Normally a mecca for internal story buffs, a Washington Tunnels website Carter oversees was flooded with national visitors in a days before a insurrection. A deeper examination of a trade analytics suggested that many of a clicks were entrance from hyperlinks common on unknown summary boards, sites and forums named after militias or firearms, or regulating Donald Trump’s name. Though a initial seductiveness originated from a deepest and darkest recesses of a web, it eventually transitioned onto renouned amicable media sites, including Twitter.

The Washington Tunnels website itself was a labor of love. Back in 2018, Carter set to work building his online apparatus of a District’s transport and burden rail tunnels, walking passageways, subterraneous steam tunnels and sewage and H2O pipelines. But, even afterwards he was rebuffed by some supervision agencies endangered by a confidence and terrorism risks that could arise from edition such information online.

Carter’s “online tip” to a FBI was mentioned in a US Senate Rules and Homeland Security committees’ Jun 2021 review of a US Capitol insurrection. In a matter to News 4 I, a US Capitol Police pronounced a care had been alerted “to a spike in website trade per maps” forward of a insurrection. But, combined that a wider comprehension entertainment “didn’t exhibit [that a expected] large-scale proof would turn a large-scale conflict on a Capitol Building.”

Brexit has ‘significantly altered’ Irish-British burden traffic, news finds

DUBLIN, Aug 12 (Reuters) – Post-Brexit trade frictions have “significantly altered” burden trade between Ireland and Britain and sparked a high arise in volumes to and from Ireland and other European Union members, an Irish supervision group news pronounced on Thursday.

The introduction of checks on some products given beside Britain left a EU’s trade circuit on Dec. 31 cut imports from Britain by 35% in a initial 5 months of 2021 while a series of shipping routes to mainland Europe some-more than doubled.

So-called roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) trade between Irish and British ports was 20% reduce in a second entertain compared to a same pre-coronavirus pestilence duration in 2019 while volumes on Irish/EU routes were adult 99% on 2019, a Irish Maritime Development Office (IMDO) said.

Overall volumes were 0.2% reduce than a second entertain of 2019, providing a some-more arguable comparison than prior quarters, that were twisted by pre-Brexit stockpiling and tough COVID-19 restrictions.

The many poignant cause behind a changes was traders abandoning a once-speedier British “land bridge” – where hauliers would take a brief sea channel between Dublin and Holyhead in Wales, expostulate opposite Britain and afterwards take another packet to mainland Europe.

Many are shunning a track over concerns about delays and intrusion due to new etiquette controls, a IMDO’s quarterly news found.

“It is transparent in a initial 6 months given Brexit, a pattern of Irish RoRo trade has been significantly altered,” pronounced a agency, that provides support to nautical businesses in Ireland, citing a new trade arrangements.

Traffic between Irish and British ports now accounts for 67% of all Irish Ro-Ro volumes compared to 84% dual years ago. Direct routes to a EU have doubled their share to 33%.

This does not automatically indicate larger trade with other EU member states, a IMDO said, though rather a reconfiguration of supply bondage divided from a UK land bridge.

Freight trade by ports in Northern Ireland also rose to a top turn given 2007 as hauliers who traditionally accessed markets in a English midlands and southeast around Dublin Port instead shipped products directly from Northern Ireland.

While some checks have been introduced on products travelling from a rest of a United Kingdom into Northern Ireland, products can transport openly a other way. However, before Brexit, shipping around Dublin was a speedier choice for hauliers.

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

Roadway Improvements Proposed to Combat High Traffic Fatality Rate in Dallas – NBC 5 Dallas

Safety improvements are designed on Dallas roads to fight one of a nation’s top rates of trade fatalities among vast U.S. cities.

Vision Zero is a module that would make some changes, with submit from residents being taken by Aug. 13.

The city of Dallas is series dual behind usually Jacksonville, Florida for a misfortune rate of deadly alley accidents among a 15 largest cities in a country.

Last weekend alone combined to a statistics.

Friday night alone in Dallas County, six people died and 4 were harm in 4 opposite crashes.

A wrong-way motorist was killed in West Dallas Friday night in a head-on collision that harmed people in a other vehicle. The names of a people concerned were still not accessible Monday.

Before midnight Friday in a 300 Block of Mockingbird Lane, dual racing vehicles crashed as they approached a bridge. One vaulted over a guardrail and crashed into a building. The other car struck dual light poles. Three people were killed in one vehicle. Two in a other were in vicious condition.


Covering trade news that could impact your commute.

Dallas military have shaped a charge force to fight a problems of travel racing and attempt driving.

“We can’t military a approach out of these problems. We’ve got to have a long-term devise in place where we can make it safer for everybody to be outside,” Dallas City Council Member Chad West said.

West serves on a Dallas City Council Transportation Committee, that permitted a trade deadliness rebate devise called Vision Zero.

The module has a website with an interactive map that is holding a public survey on trade problems by Aug. 13.

So far, Vision Zero has already identified a many accident-prone streets and a 20 many crash-prone Dallas intersections.

Money is accessible from state grants to implement safer trade signals and travel improvements during those intersections, with a idea of extreme collision rebate by 2030.

“It’s a lofty idea deliberation we are one of a misfortune offending vast cities in a nation right now for us to get to that goal,” West said.

But, a assemblyman pronounced he wants some-more reserve improvements over a Vision Zero locations, including a widen of Jefferson Boulevard in his Oak Cliff district.

Police contend a speeding motorist in extended illumination on Jul 9 slammed into another car and afterwards hit a landscaper who was mowing a grass beside a street.

The landscaper, 48-year aged Armando Esparza, was killed.

West pronounced speed rebate is now due for that territory of Jefferson Boulevard by shortening a alley from 6 lanes to four.

“This is something that we’re going to be seeking for area submit on, and we would adore to use this as a indication via my district and eventually a whole city,” West said.

Another trade relaxing modification, a trade round roundabout, is underneath construction during Tyler and Canty streets nearby Kidd Springs Park.

But it was a dipsomaniac motorist accused of murdering Dallas military Ofc. Mitchell Penton on a Central Expressway in February.

Roadway improvements might not solve a rapist function that is obliged for some of a Dallas trade fatalities.

Fort Worth also has an emanate with trade fatalities. That city ranks fourth on a list of high deadliness rates.

If we have difficulty observation this document, click here to open it in a new window.