Google Maps on iOS will shortly let we news speed traps and trade slowdowns

Since 2018, Google has solemnly combined ways to news incidents on a highway like accidents, highway closures, and traffic slowdowns — something done renouned by Google-owned Waze — to Google Maps on Android. Starting this week, though, Google says Google Maps users on iOS will shortly be means to news highway incidents as well.

In a blog post (via 9to5Google), Google says that iPhone users will be means to news those crashes, speed traps, and trade slowdowns now too. To news an incident, you’ll daub a new symbol underneath a compass in a pushing navigation UI, as shown in this GIF:

And iOS users aren’t a usually ones removing new stating options — Google says that users on both platforms will be means to news construction, line closures, infirm vehicles, and objects on a highway in updates rolling out this week.

One of a best tools of Waze is that it gives a flattering accurate design of what’s function on a roads around we so that we can have a improved thought of stream highway conditions. Hopefully, now that both users on both vital phone platforms can news what’s going on, and with some-more fact than before, Google Maps will yield likewise useful information.

Subscribers and website trade mangle annals for Paso Robles Daily News

subscribers paso press

subscribers paso press

The Paso Robles Daily News only pennyless annals for a series of daily subscribers and a volume of website traffic. As of Oct 1, 2019, website trade on Paso Robles Daily News exceeded 265,000 monthly pages views, according to WordPress Jetpack Site Stats, identical to Google Analytics. This represents poignant growth, adult from 189,000 views in Feb 2019, for a internal news site portion Paso Robles, CA, a village of about 30,000 people.

Website trade is a metric that refers to web users who revisit a website. Web trade is totalled in singular users, page views, and visits sometimes called sessions. Pageviews are a common approach to magnitude an online business’s efficacy during attracting an audience.

In October, Paso Robles Daily News email subscribers surpassed 5,600.

“We are anxious to see a expansion of a online news platform,” says Publisher Scott Brennan. “The series of internal readers intent in a site final month, is some-more than a whole initial 12 months of operation combined. We are so beholden to a readers and overworked staff for this success.”

“Online media is a singular best form of internal advertising, Brennan says. “It dominates other media options when it comes to targeting a assembly internal advertisers desire. It targets high-value demographic households, younger consumers and offers some-more internal impressions than any other media.”

Paso Robles Daily News stats

  • Media in paso roblesMedia in paso roblesMonthly pageviews – 264,595
  • Daily email subscribers – 5,654
  • Facebook supporters – 18,248
  • Twitter supporters – 4,865
  • Instagram supporters – 2,401
  • Total indexed pages – 19,200
  • #1 ranked news site in Paso Robles by Alexa Rank


pageviews, site traffic, paso robles daily news

pageviews, site traffic, paso robles daily news

Paso Robles Daily News trade sources

  • 34% from amicable media like Facebook and Twitter
  • 23% from organic hunt on Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • 20% from a email subscribers, now over 5,500
  • 17% from approach trade to a URL
  • 6% from mention links and other


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Apple responds to reports that it sends user trade to China’s Tencent

Safari: Tackling forward ads by tying JavaScript resources
Safari engineers wish to extent a volume of JavaScript that a website can load.

Apple has released a matter currently following a slew of dubious and poorly-researched media reports that were published over a weekend, claiming that a Safari web browser was personally promulgation user trade to Chinese association Tencent.

All a reports were anchored in a new find that Apple had implemented a second “safe browsing” complement within Safari.

Safe browsing mechanisms were named so after Google’s Safe Browsing service. They work by holding a URL a user is perplexing to entrance and checking it opposite a database of famous bad sites.

For years, Apple has used Google’s Safe Browsing API inside Safari to check for bad links. Starting progressing this year, Apple also combined Tencent’s protected browsing complement to Apple as well.

But this refurbish has been misinterpreted by several news outlets over a weekend underneath frightful headlines of “Apple sends users’ web browsing story to China,” amid a new arise in Chinese anti-sentiment and fearmongering triggered by a new Hong Kong protests and a US-Sino trade war.

However, a existence is that this is not how complicated protected browsing mechanisms work.

It’s loyal that early versions of protected browsing mechanisms did rest on promulgation a URL over a internet to a “safe browsing provider” where a couple was checked opposite a remote database of antagonistic sites.

But, nowadays, many protected browsing mechanisms, such as those managed by Google and Tencent, work by promulgation a duplicate of a database to a user’s browser and vouchsafing a browser check a URL opposite this internal database.

According to Apple, this is also how Apple developers have implemented Safari’s protected browsing resource — to never send a user’s internet browsing trade to protected browsing providers.

Tencent’s protected browsing used usually for inclination with Chinese locale

Furthermore, as several developers have also forked out over a weekend, Tencent is not a default protected browsing provider. Tencent is usually used on inclination where a Chinese locality is enabled [1, 2, 3].

The logic behind ancillary Tencent is utterly elementary — a Chinese supervision bans Google domains inside China; hence, Safari users in China wouldn’t be means to accept Google’s database of antagonistic links and successive updates.

Apple combined support for Tencent as an choice protected browsing provider privately for Chinese users. It did so in sequence to keep a Chinese userbase safe, identical to everybody else, and uncover alerts whenever one of them competence finish adult erratic off and alighting on a bad site.

Below is Apple’s full statement:

Apple protects user remoteness and safeguards your information with Safari Fraudulent Website Warning, a confidence underline that flags websites famous to be antagonistic in nature. When a underline is enabled, Safari checks a website URL opposite lists of famous websites and displays a warning if a URL a user is visiting is suspected of fake control like phishing.

To accomplish this task, Safari receives a list of websites famous to be antagonistic from Google, and for inclination with their segment formula set to mainland China, it receives a list from Tencent. The tangible URL of a website we revisit is never common with a protected browsing provider and a underline can be incited off.

PG&E close down power. Too many Internet users close down the website.

The new European information insurance law requires us to surprise we of a following before we use a website:

We use cookies and other technologies to customize your experience, perform analytics and broach personalized promotion on a sites, apps and newsletters and opposite a Internet formed on your interests. By clicking “I agree” below, we determine to a use by us and a third-party partners of cookies and information collected from your use of a platforms. See a Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn some-more about a use of information and your rights. You also determine to a Terms of Service.

PG&E Web Troubles Continue Wednesday Under High Traffic

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — PGE stood adult a new website Wednesday night amid a energy shutoff it instituted in a Bay Area a same day.

The website is located here and is meant to give business a possibility to find out if they will be influenced by a designed outage Wednesday.

PGE had several issues with a site Tuesday and they continued into Wednesday. The application sent a twitter out with a new couple yet soon deleted it around 8 p.m. Wednesday evening,

PGE New Website Error Message

indicating it might not have been prepared to go live.

They tweeted a new couple mentioned above around 9 p.m. It worked initially, yet many users saw that there were few errors with a site.

As of 9:44 p.m., though, a site was operative well.

Customers in a East Bay and South Bay are ostensible to remove energy Wednesday night. The shutoff was already implemented progressing in a day in a North Bay. San Francisco will be unaffected.

© Copyright 2019 CBS Broadcasting Inc. and Bay City News Service. All Rights Reserved. This element might not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Hackers aim secure web trade on Chrome and Firefox web browsers

PhotoResearchers during cybersecurity association Kaspersky Lab published a report this week detailing a Russian group’s attempts during holding a fingerprint of TLS-encrypted web trade by modifying Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

The group, called Turla, is “believed to work underneath a insurance of a Russian government,” ZDNet notes. 

Kaspersky researchers found that a organisation could taint systems with a remote entrance trojan and, from there, implement their possess digital certificates to any host. This technique enables them to prevent TLS trade from a host. 

Secondary process of monitoring targets

Kaspersky didn’t offer an reason of because a hackers would do this. ZDNet remarkable that one probable ground competence be that a organisation wanted to use a TLS fingerprint as a delegate trade notice resource in box victims found and private a trojan though didn’t take a time to reinstall their browsers. Kaspersky’s researchers pronounced they identified targets in Russia and Belarus.

“We purebred dual initial infection schemes: Reductor spreads by possibly infecting renouned program distributions (Internet Downloader Manager, WinRAR, etc. and, for during slightest one victim, by a renouned warez website over HTTP); or a decryptor/dropper is widespread regulating COMpfun’s ability to download files on already putrescent hosts,” a association said. 

ZDNet combined that this isn’t a initial time Turla has mutated a browser’s inner components.

“A Jan 2018 news from associate cyber-security organisation ESET suggested that Turla had compromised during slightest 4 ISPs before, in Eastern Europe and a former Soviet space, also with a purpose of tainting downloads and adding malware to legitimate files,” ZDNet reported.

“The organisation has formerly commissioned a backdoored Firefox appendage in victims’ browsers behind in 2015, that it used to keep an eye on a user’s web traffic,” a website added. “Patching Chrome and Firefox only to be means to lane a victim’s HTTPS trade while they’ve been kicked off a workstations fits with their prior settlement of rarely crafty hacks and techniques.” 

Madewell’s web trade is bursting – and that’s good news for the stirring IPO

When it comes to growth, Madewell has surfaced a primogenitor association J. Crew on scarcely any magnitude in new years.

According to disdainful new information from web analytics firm SimilarWeb, a on-trend tradesman can supplement nonetheless another metric to that list.

In a initial 8 months of this year, U.S. web trade to surged by 30.2% over a allied duration final year, and by 90.3% over a same duration in 2017, totaling 3.89 million sum views.

While a comprehensive series of visits came in brief of J. Crew’s 9.23 million over a same duration this year, J. Crew’s web trade expansion rate clocked in during only 6.4%.

“You don’t unequivocally see a lot of retailers during this distance grow during this rate,” SimilarWeb researcher Ilana Marks told Yahoo Finance of Madewell’s results. “Sometimes we’ll see a site that maybe only launched or is on a smaller side and it grows by 100%, though that’s augmenting from 100,000 to 200,000.”

“This form of volume and this form of expansion is significant,” she said.

Madewell’s web trade expansion also surpassed that of counterpart retailers. – a subsequent closest aspirant by web trade to Madewell, formed on SimilarWeb’s research – saw trade grow 18.2% in a 8 months finale in August.’s trade increasing by 7.5%, and decreased by 6.1% during that duration this year. Each of these brands is owned by parent-company URBN (URBN).

Madewell’s web trade information serves as another earnest pointer of expansion for a association as it paces toward an initial open offering, generally given a digital coherence of a business. Madewell subsequent 40% of sales from e-commerce channels in a initial 6 months of this year and had a brick-and-mortar footprint of only 132 locations as of August, a association pronounced in a S-1 prospectus.

CHICAGO, IL - MAY 30: A shopper carries her purchases down Michigan Avenue on May 30, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. U.S. consumer spending rose 0.4 percent in April, a best given December. Incomes also rose 0.4 percent. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)CHICAGO, IL - MAY 30: A shopper carries her purchases down Michigan Avenue on May 30, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. U.S. consumer spending rose 0.4 percent in April, a best given December. Incomes also rose 0.4 percent. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Other information on Madewell’s web trade also underscored an event for serve online expansion in a brand.

The share of Madewell’s trade from non-branded web searches increasing to 8.3% in 2019 from 7.4% a year prior, according to SimilarWeb data. The increase, despite slim, suggested a flourishing series of browsers came to Madewell’s website simply by acid for general sell terms like “work sandals” or “denim skirt,” as against to acid with a movement of a association name in a query. The change – and immeasurable infancy – of web visits still came from branded searches.

“The fact that they’re removing trade now from these sell associated keywords like ‘A-line skirt’ or ‘sandals’ is indeed a good thing,” Marks said. “They already have a code awareness. Ninety-two percent of their trade is branded. So in sequence to grow over a people that already know about Madewell, this boost in non-branded trade is indeed unequivocally good.”

Some of this hunt expansion has been a duty of Madewell’s possess investment, Marks noted. Madewell pronounced in a handbill that a selling costs rose by $23 million in a initial half of a year over 2018, due mostly to aloft spend on digital marketing.

But these additional dollars did beget a return, with paid hunt pushing 10.5% of Madewell’s desktop trade from 2% final year, and arrangement ads accounting for 12.3% of desktop traffic, from 2.8% final year, according to SimilarWeb data.

‘Billion-dollar business’

J. Crew in Sep filed for an IPO for Madewell, bathing it for a open entrance as expansion during a flagship code slumped.

Revenue from a J. Crew code has depressed on a year-over-year basement any year starting in mercantile 2015, and many recently decreased 4% to $1.78 billion for a mercantile year finale February. But Madewell’s net sales grew by double-digit percentages any year for during slightest a past 5 years, many recently climbing 26% to $529 million.

“It’s going to scale to a billion-dollar business over a next, let’s contend 3 years,” Janet Kloppenburg, sell researcher during JJK Research, told Yahoo Finance.

Madewell’s opening diverges both from a primogenitor association and some of a sell competitors, that have fought to stay applicable amid a trend toward casualization and digitalization in fashion.

“When a code is right and has appealing iconic pillars – that Madewell has – it works,” Kloppenburg said. “The attire patron is always there. But they’re not going to buy something they don’t like or something that doesn’t ring with their lifestyle or their ethics.”

Those struggles have seemed both in many counterpart retailers’ financial formula and in SimilarWeb’s web trade analyses.

Gap (GPS), that has formerly announced skeleton to spin off Old Navy as a standalone company, saw web trade arise 16.3% from 2018 to 2019, putting it scarcely 14 commission points behind Madewell’s expansion rate. This came as Gap’s altogether net sales during a initial half of this year sank 2% over a year-ago period, with closely watched allied same-store sales during any of a vital brands posting declines.

“Gap has had a tough time identifying who their patron bottom is,” Kloppenburg said. “And we consider Madewell went right into that 18-30 year aged aim marketplace and identified it early.”

For Madewell, “it’s a millennial code … it unequivocally identified a core patron – someone who’s casual, though choice during a same time. It’s a patron who wants flexibility in their habit and wants peculiarity and value during a same time. we consider all of those attributes are what done Madewell ring and also done Madewell cool,” Kloppenburg said.

At slightest one other tradesman this year has ridden a call of new expansion to a open marketplace – and in doing so, avoided some of the stock sensitivity seen by other recently open consumer-facing companies. In March, blue-jean contriver Levi Strauss (LEVI) listed on a New York Stock Exchange in a lapse to a open market, only after scarcely doubling a income expansion rate to 14% in a final full mercantile year.

Mark your calendars!Mark your calendars!

Emily McCormick is a contributor for Yahoo Finance. Follow her on Twitter: @emily_mcck

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A303 sealed eastward after pile-up involving several vehicles – live updates

The A303 Eastbound sealed due to a multi-vehicle accident.

The occurrence is fulfilment transformation between a A36 during a Deptford/Codford spin off to a A360 Longbarrow Roundabout during Druids Lodge.

There is queueing trade with some trade stranded in a closure.

Traffic monitoring use Inrix reports:”Road sealed due to a astringency of a accident, trade is trapped in closure.”

The AA has reported “severe delays” with normal speed pronounced to be 10 miles per hour.

This is a violation and building news story.

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Officials news fatalities after a WWII-era B-17 bomber crashed during a Connecticut airport

Multiple people are passed after a World War II-era B-17 bomber crashed Wednesday into an airfield de-icing trickery while perplexing to land during Connecticut’s Bradley International Airport, officials said.

Thirteen people — 10 passengers and 3 organisation members — were on house when a selected Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress crashed during a finish of a runway, authorities said. Connecticut State Police Commissioner James Rovella reported fatalities though would not contend how many.

Fourteen people are injured, including everybody on a craft and one chairman on a ground. It was not immediately transparent how many people on a belligerent might have been killed.

At slightest 5 patients were taken to Hartford Hospital after a crash, Hartford HealthCare orator Shawn Mawhiney said.

The aircraft is civilian-registered and was not flown by a troops during a time of a crash, a FAA said.

Pilot asked to lapse to a airport, FAA audio indicates

The B-17 waited a few mins for turmoil from a before aircraft to transparent before it was privileged for takeoff, according to FAA atmosphere trade control audio available by a website

But shortly after takeoff, a commander told atmosphere trade control: “N93012 would like to lapse to a field.”

“What is a reason for entrance back?” a controller asked.

“You got No. 4 engine. We’d like to return, and blow it out,” another commander in a aircraft said.

A commander pronounced he indispensable to land immediately, and a control building diverted other jets that were about to land, a recording indicates.

After a B-17 crashed during a finish of a runway, a plume of black fume billowed from a scene.

The craft belonged to a nonprofit that restores aircraft

The craft belonged to a Collings Foundation, a

airport’s Twitter

criticism said.

A “Wings of Freedom Tour,” featuring a B-17 and other aircraft, was scheduled to take place from Monday to Thursday during a airport, a substructure pronounced on a website.

Attendees could squeeze several practice aboard a featured aircraft, including flights, a website says.

The Collings Foundation pronounced it’s “forever beholden to a drastic efforts of a initial responders during Bradley.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with those who were on that flight,” a substructure pronounced in a matter to CNN.

“The Collings Foundation moody group is entirely auxiliary with officials to establish a means of a pile-up of a B-17 Flying Fortress and will criticism serve when sum turn known.”

The substructure is a 40-year-old educational nonprofit that organizes and supports ” ‘living history’ events and a preservation, muster and communication of chronological artifacts that assistance Americans learn some-more about their heritage,” according to a website.

It depends a Wings of Freedom Tour as a “major focus” of a endeavors, a site states.

The airfield is in Windsor Locks, about a 15-mile expostulate north of Hartford.